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Burns Ortho, provider of foot orthotics, orthoses, arch supports and orthopaedic appliances, Chiropody, Podiatry Footcare, compression stockings and sports medicine braces to the Ottawa, ON area including Kanata, Rockland and Orleans.  We accept referrals from a podiatrist, chiropodist, family physician, family doctor, sports medicine doctors. 


 Burns Ortho Mission:

" To alleviate your foot, ankle and leg pain to enable you to participate in activities that are important to you! "



       Orthotics and Chiorpody Foot Care in OttawaKanata, Rockland and Orleans,ON. 

Our Certified Pedorthists design and manufacture foot orthotics (shoe inserts, supports). Foot orthotics combined with proper footwear provides relief from plantar fasciitis, heel pain, heel spur, bunions, metatarsalgia, arch pain, high arch, flat feet and other biomechanical injuriesOrthotics are covered by most insurance plans. 
 We also provide Chiropody foot care, sports med bracing and compression stockings, orthopedic, diabetic, pediatric and orthopaedic shoes, orthopaedic appliances in Eastern Ontario with clinics in Carleton Place and Smith Falls. 

Definition of the Month 


Achilles Tendonitis
This is an inflammation of the Achilles tendon. This tendon connects the calf muscle to the heel bone. This condition is often a result of overuse amongst athletes, females who wear high heels or a malposition of the heel.

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Suite 201, 99 Kakulu Rd.

Kanata, ON, K2L 2V3

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Suite 104, 595 Montreal Rd

Ottawa, ON, K1K 4L2 

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Suite 203, 2741 Chamberland St.

Rockland, ON, K1E 3V7 

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Suite 217, 210 Centrum Blvd.

Orleans, ON, K1E 3V7 

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